Don't judge me for writing about something so mortal-- but this is totally real, as released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here in the United States of America.

Not shy of any proper resources, research, or statistics-- the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a list of the most "distinctive" causes of death in each of the 50 states. First-- this list, the "most distinctive", covers causes of death that most represent each state, compared to a national rate.  The explanation provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that, for example, Oklahoma contains 1% of the population of the United States, yet made up for 24% of the country's deaths that were credited to "other acute ischemic heart diseases".

That said, this survey also covers the years 2001 through 2010. Results that say, would reflect the U.S. most recently, in 2017, have yet to be released as they're still being measured and compiled.

There are some interesting stats across this map and for example, Maine see's the most influenza deaths.

Idaho however? Well--maybe we do have the worst drivers off all time after all. The CDC lists our most distinctive cause of death here in the Gem State as:

Water, Air, and space and other unspecified transport accidents and their sequelae

For the complete list of results for the whole country, click HERE.

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