Just when the pandemic had us feeling some type of way Nathan Apodaca of Idaho Falls comes into our lives. @doggface208 on Instagram is without a doubt Idaho's most famous TikTok star and the 2.2. million followers on IG definitely add to the exposure of a fellow Idahoan. Through his feel good viral videos he's made us smile quite a bit and now the universe is smiling on him. Ocean Spray gave his a truckload of his favorite juice and told him to keep the brand new Nissan pick-up the juice was delivered in, his merchandise is selling like crazy and now there has been a Halloween costume created after him. Check out the ad below from his website.

















Why wouldn't you go as the most recognizable figure of 2020? And even better?? These are quality goods you can wear year around after Halloween has past.  That's a wrap.

This costume set comes complete with:

  • Printed Grey Crewneck
  • Oversized Tee
  • Black Cotton Shorts
  • Tube Socks
  • Temporary feather tattoo
  • Fake Mustache

All domestic orders placed by the 22nd will ship to arrive on time!

*Just add Ocean Spray and/or Longboard

I love it when good things happen to good people and I can't help but notice how humble Nathan is when he does interviews. He recently talked about how he gave his mom five thousand dollars out of the $10k that people donated to him after the Fleetwood Mac video. Nathan thanks for putting out good energy or as you like to say  "steady vibin" and making Idaho proud.


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