Idaho has a "most romantic restaurant" named by, a website that prides itself in all things "delish".

Everything from news about food to kitchen tips and tricks-- holiday snack idea to healthy recipes, Delish is essentially a Pinterest for JUST food, and if you're hungry I suggest you don't go browsing their website right away!

That said, having spent so much effort into their craft, Delish has compiled a list of the most romantic restaurants in each state.

Idaho's is right here in the Treasure Valley. Can you guess which it is?

First, the nerd in me would like to point out this: I have no idea how the restaurant that won, became named this. Not in that it doesn't make sense (I love this place), but in the fact that Delish did not explain in their article what was taken into consideration as results were compiled.

That said-- Idaho's Most Romantic Restaurant? Chandler's Steakhouse!

You would have to be crazy to not love this downtown dining option that, growing up here, was always THE go-to prom and homecoming dinner destination.

Maybe you've got a totally different opinion, though. Leave a comment for us-- which restaurant do YOU think takes the cake?

See the full results, HERE.

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