Uh oh. We've been bad. But one of our neighboring states has been really naughty.

How do you even determine how "sinful" a state is? According to WalletHub, they've got it down to a science. They crunched some numbers and ranked all 50 states based on a bunch of different factors of sinfulness:

  • Violent crime per capita
  • Smoking rates
  • Money spent gambling
  • Excessive drinking
  • Time spent watching pornography

Luckily, this list is about the entire state of Idaho, not just about this writer. Because I would score something abysmal based on their methodology. I don't smoke, and I'd still get a terrible score. You do the math.

Let's see how the Gem State faired. Per WalletHub's study, Idaho scored 43rd out of 50 on the sinful scale. Meaning, we're not faring nearly as bad as Washington, which landed in slot #12. They are naughty over there.

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