Idaho is, and has been known for some time as, a red and conservative state. While the Boise area is pretty diverse, Idaho as a whole is pretty consistent. Especially when it comes to religion.

It'll come as no surprise to you that most people in Idaho identify as Christian. Right around 67% of Idahoans, to be more specific. You read that right. Over two thirds of all people in Idaho are Christian. Again, not a staggering statistic.

This next number may cause you to take a second look.

What's the most popular religion after Christianity? People who are "unaffiliated," meaning they don't claim any religion. A whopping 27% of Idahoans aren't religious. While only 2% described themself as Athiest, the total number of Athiest, Agnostic, and people claiming no religion at all make up one third of all people in Idaho.

Are you surprised by the numbers? Or did you think this was pretty much expected?

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