People are always writing things you should see when arriving to Boise, but should you ever leave Boise nobody tells you what you what you will miss. Here are 5 things you'll miss should you leave Boise.

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    The Day Trips

    The fact that you can take a day trips and see some of the most amazing things will be surely missed. You want some small town feel drive an hour and half west and you'll be in ontario, vale and you can se the Oregon Trail. 2 hours north you're in Mccall, 2 hours east you can see the beauty of Sun Valley, 2.5 hours south and you can go to jackpot and gamble some money. Boise is underrated  for the day trips it offers.

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    The Summer Activities

    This city is so big yet so small. During the summer you can hit up 3 different events and still be ready to go downtown by 10 pm. There is Boise Music festival, there is single a baseball, art in the park, food truck rally's. The summers here are essentially a consistent string of day parties.

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    The Mom and Pop Food

    I will miss the places that always seemed authentic and never changed. Like Bad Boy Burger, Fanci Freeze or Big Bun. Or the candy shops like Goody's or Powells. Or even the sit down places like Bar Gernika or 13st Pub and Grill. The places that were around before  boise exploded. These places have stood the test of time and I will miss their delicious food.

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    The Mountains

    There is something about mountains were I just love them them. Especially the ridges we have all over the the state. Once you leave Boise, you'll feel like they are calling to you.

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    The Boise River

    The things about the Boise river is that it is home to so much fun, debachery and silliness, but at the same time if you find the right spot at the right time of day, it is the most beautiful thing you will ever see. If you end up leaving Boise, you will for sure miss the river.

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