It's an inside joke among us Idahoans that the quality of drivers has become worse over the past few years. Some blame the influx of Californians, some point fingers at distracted driving or just maybe we were never as good at driving as we thought we were. Regardless, the Boise Police Department will be stepping up their traffic enforcement at the most dangerous 19 intersections in the city.
Boise police are stepping up enforcement of traffic violations at dangerous intersections throughout the city. Boise motorcycle and traffic enforcement officers are focusing on 19 intersections identified by the Idaho Office of Highway Safety as having the highest number of crashes in the city. The patrols have been launched in partnership with the Office of Highway Safety.
The patrols have already started and will continue through July 13th. One objective of the BPD is education so if pulled over, you might just escape with a warning. But, if you find yourself traveling through any of these intersections you might want to make sure your phone is down, your speed is checked and your hands are at 10 and 2.
-Cole Road/Overland Road
- Cole Road/Fairview Avenue
- Fairview Avenue/Maple Grove Road
- Franklin Road./Milwaukee Street
- Cole Road/Franklin Road
- Fairview Avenue/Milwaukee Street
- Curtis Road/Fairview Avenue
- Five Mile Road/Overland Road
- Orchard Street/Overland Road
- Eagle Road/McMillan Road
- Glenwood Street/State Street
- Cloverdale Road/Fairview Avenue
- Maple Grove Road/Overland Road
- Entertainment Avenue/Overland Road
- Fairview Avenue/Five Mile Road
- Chinden Boulevard/Eagle Road
- Emerald Street/Milwaukee Street
- Cole Road/Ustick Road
- Fairview Avenue/Mitchell Street

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