They say that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Well if you love dogs and have always dreamed of being a high ranking official in a large company ( or at least dreamed of having a fancy sounding title) Yappy has the perfect opportunity for you. Yappy is actively looking for a Chief Puppy Officer. What exactly does a Chief Puppy Officer do? How much does the job pay? Where do you apply? All the info you need is below compliments of  Yappy .

Pet, play, get paid. Repeat.

"If your dream is to cuddle, stroke and play with dogs all day AND get paid for it, then the ‘Chief Puppy Officer’ role may just be the dream job you’ve been looking for.

At, delivering tail-wagging happiness to all dogs is the reason they get out of bed in the morning, and ensuring the ulti-mutt happiness of our dog family who work beside them each day is equally as impawtant!

That’s why Yappy is sniffing out a Chief Puppy Officer to take charge of all our adorable dogs and keep them yappy whilst their team is busy creating amazing, personalised dog gifts for over 420 breeds.

It’s a hard job but someone has to do it - from playing with their dogs and ensuring they’re entertained and stimulated, to tickling tummies, offering endless strokes and catering for their every need, it’s essential that the hired CPO is prepared to offer puppy love on tap from 9 ‘til 5.

Alongside this, the successful person will be required to carry out market research with each office dog, providing written feedback on a range of toys, bandanas, treats and accessories to help the team create even more furbulous products.

Yappy’s office dogs just love to be in the spotlight and the CPO will also be responsible for getting each one to photoshoots on time and chaperoning each of our pupstars, ensuring that they’re ready for their close ups and always looking their best.

If you think you’re up for the challenge of stroking a sleeping dog on your lap and being paid for it, then this could be the most pawfect job for you!"

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