I'm not the most patient human being and when it comes to fishing I feel like you have to be really patient. I wouldn't know if that is true because I don't fish... I prefer to CATCH. hahaha... But seriously I've lived in 4 different states & 10 different cities and have never seen so many people be obsessed with fishing as I've seen in Idaho. Fishing is such a huge hobby here to the extent that you can't swipe through any dating app without coming across a ton of pics featuring women holding a fish on some river bed. If you're one of these avid fishermen I'm describing pick up your cell phone and call in sick to work in advance for November 19th. If you enjoying catching instead of fishing the Boise River is the place to be next week. Why?

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game plans to stock the river with around 250 steelhead on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 19. Think of it as an early Christmas present for Treasure valley anglers. Apparently the fish were trapped at Hells Canyon Dam on the Snake River and they will be released at these five locations:

  • Glenwood Bridge
  • Americana Bridge
  • Below the Broadway Ave. Bridge behind Boise State University
  • West Parkcenter Bridge
  • Barber Park

Keep in mind that you may only keep 2 steelhead per day on the Boise River however you can have six in your possession and barbless hooks are not required. A fishing license is required as well as a steelhead permit. One more thing to note is that the stocked steelhead will all be missing an adipose fin. I hope you enjoy fishing as much as much as I enjoy catching because I have a feeling that this Thursday there are gonna be a lot of " The one that got away" stories.


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