Stop whatever you're doing and take a minute to read this blog if you use a dishwasher to wash your dishes! Now, this may be insanely obvious to some people, but to a guy like me? I just throw dishes in and go on with my day. Well, I did something really stupid and potentially dangerous. Thankfully the situation turned out okay but could have been drastically worse. When I loaded the dishwasher last, I put a large 8" kitchen knife into the utensil area of the dishwasher. When my wife went to pull out the tray to unload, the knife had actually worked it's way up slightly out of the insert and literally FLUNG out of the dishwasher. As she pulled out the bottom row of the dishwasher, she was mid-sentence having a conversation with me when she suddenly stopped talking abruptly. Her eyes were wide. "What? What is it?" I asked. She bent over slowly and pulled up the knife into my view. "THIS.. just flew out of the dishwasher and hit my leg." She slowly pulled up her sweatpants. Unbelievably, she had a small, peeled back gash about 2cm long. It was as if the knife had sliced the thinnest layer of skin off without cutting deep. I couldn't believe it happened and neither could she. What could have been a trip to the ER was a moment of pure luck. Moral of the story: all the knives in our house will be hand washed from this moment forward. In other news, considering said luck, we totally bought a Powerball ticket that night! Apparently, all our luck had been used up on this incident though. You win some, lose some- right?

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