I'm not a smoker, but I grew up with a ton of smokers(and drinkers), hey we're Italian.  So I don't mind that you can't smoke in public places, but some places do allow you to vape.  I know that if you vape, you probably have a strong opinion, and think it's totally different than smoking regular cigarettes, but those of who don't smoke, kind of feel it's the same thing.  No matter how we all feel, the city of Boise gets to make the decision.

The Smoke Free Act which passed in 2011, had exemptions for vaping, but that could all be changing very soon! A new rule proposed by  Boise City Council Member Holli Woodings, would ban e-cigarettes and vaping in places where smoking is currently prohibited, like Grove Plaza, Eighth Street, and within 20 feet of bus stops and schools.

According to Boise Weekly's Lex Nelson, the proposal will presented to the city council next Tuesday, February 26th.  For meeting times and other info about the City Council(in case you want to go and speak on behalf of smokers and vapors everywhere), click here!

“Protecting the health of our residents is paramount in our efforts to make Boise the most livable city in the country, and the time is right to update our ordinance,” Woodings said in a press release. “Now that we have a better understanding of these devices and their impact on public health, this exemption must be closed.”

Here is a full list of currently prohibited places to smoke and could affect where you could vape in the future FULL LIST.

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