Tomorrow is the big drawing for the powerball. It is at 1.5 BILLION, yes $1,500,000,000, and if you are to take straight cash you end up with $930,000,000. Holy hell! Anybody's mind would explode.

Now my question to you would be, if you won, and lets say you take the lump sum, you now have $930 million, what is your one guilty pleasure item you would purchase? We all have one. I would definitely be charitable and help my family, but I would splurge on one item.

If I won the powerball I would buy myself one of two things. I would buy myself a tricked out Subaru. I am a huge fan of Subarus and I would make mine the most awesome Subaru ever. I would splurge and deck it out with everything special. OR, I would buy my family's farm in Guatemala and remodel it. It is a namesake in our family and it used to be a huge producer of everything, but through the generations of family it has dwindled. I would make it as amazing as it used to be.


So my question to you is, what is the one item you would splurge on?

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