Imagine this. You're taking a nice calm walk in the woods. You hear the wind rustle the tree leaves above you. The sound of water streams down the river calming you down as fresh air fills your lungs. Everything is calm, everything is right. Then suddenly out of nowhere a pack of rabid wolves surrounds you. You can smell the rot from their teeth as they snarl and snap at your body. What do you do? How do you escape? Unfortunately, a PNW was caught in a similar scenario, How did she escape?

A helicopter had to rescue a research student Thursday afternoon after a group of wolves surrounded her in Central Washington state.
Okanogan County dispatch received a call around 12:30 p.m. from the student who was surveying the area when she came across the wolves. Officials said she had climbed 30 feet up a tree and a pack of wolves was surrounding her.

Well, that's one way to escape a pack of wolves, climb a tree. I still have questions about this story though. Let's just be thankful she didn't climb a tree infested with bee's, or bears.

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