Wow, it's already been a whole week. These "fad diets" are usually tough. The first week of The Whole Thirty was like a death sentence. Switching your body from whatever food that it is your body craves and dropping all sugars can almost make one crazy. But Keto, this has been different. As I sit behind this keyboard I'm trying to figure out the perfect words or phrase that might get anyone that happens to be reading motivated to give it a try. This diet has changed my life in the most positive way.
Week One Benefits:
The Weight: I've lost about 4 pounds. Granted, all of that is probably water weight but it feels good to step on the scale and see my new weight.
Way more energy: On Keto, you switch your fuel from carbs to fat. I know, you still think fat is the devil but it's not. I'm now of the belief it's the preferred fuel for our bodies and brains. I wake up rested and don't get tired throughout the day (something I struggled with). I feel like I'm running on jet fuel and the fire burning it is clean.
Focus: I didn't believe it when I watch a "benefit of Keto video" but my focus has improved. I can get so much more done at work. My shows are better.
Mood: Maybe it's the energy, but my mood has vastly improved. I'm excited to wake up in the morning. I'm laughing more and not as negative.
These are just some of the benefits I've experienced in the first week. I really feel great and honestly, don't want to go back to how things were with carbs. I started a Facebook group for those interested in Keto. Just look up Treasure Valley Keto Club on Facebook.

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