I'm the last to be teaching anyone how to sleep considering I have a history of being a night owl. I'm not sure why because I was the only one in my family growing up that didn't wanna sleep. I stayed up late every day. I host a morning show and STILL don't sleep well (I'm sure my wife would disagree)

I go on vacation Monday and what a time for me to attempt and teach our one-year-old to sleep in her crib. We have officially kicked off a sleep training event that should go down in the record books! The record? Who gives in first

My wife is done. Exhausted. Depleted. We have to do this because it's just not that healthy for my wife at this point. Our Leo needs to sleep on her own and in her little crib. This was a photo I took as she stops crying and just stared. Really!

Sleep training
Sleep training

My wife is in the spare bedroom ready to dart in for the rescue There is nothing worse than just watching her baby cry and that's when all the second-guessing comes out.

  • "Will she cry herself to sleep?"
  • "Is she scared?"
  • "Does she know what's going on?"
  • "Am I a bad parent?"
  • "Is this little girl playing me?"

I'm sure there's a blog for every scenario and another bashing the other. It's just like discussing spanking your children. There is no real answer at the end of the day but we somehow thing our neighbor has the correct answer. In the end it's what you do as a parent with your children that matter. What works for your friend won't always work for you and vice versa.

I'm not gonna leave her crying all night but will do my best to keep her comforted without giving in. I'm thinking human nature kicks in and she will fall asleep. The things change as the days go on and she cries less. This is just my inexperienced guess. I don't know what to do and plan to play it by ear. We know our kids right? All that said I'm always up for suggestions on what might have worked for you.

Do you have some super trick that worked like a charm with all your kids? Send me an email or slide it in my DM on Instagram.

What are the chances she sleeps through the night? It's 11:37 p.m. and I' guessing....no Should to all the parents ❤️

Here are my sweeties.

Lennox and Leo

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