The east coast has White Castle Burgers, Texas loves their Whatta Burger but out here in the west In & Out Burger reigns supreme. It was interesting growing up in San Diego because no matter how many In & Out Burger restaurants existed every time a new one opened up, there would be a line for days. People would wait hours to get one of their delicious double double's even though they could drive 30 minutes to another location. I then moved to Arizona and when the first In & Out opened in Phoenix it was almost a national holiday. The same happened in Colorado, Nevada and Utah.  In & Out is also in Oregon so the question is... Why is In & Out Burger not in Idaho? The simple answer to that is the restaurant chain refuses to open a new location unless its within 24 hours driving distance from their home base where their meat is produced. The good news is that somehow, someway the good people at the best burger place in the west have vowed to make it happen, In & Out Burger is coming to Boise. Here is the official word as seen in the Idaho Statesman:

"While we are still in the earliest planning stages, we do anticipate serving Double-Doubles in Boise in the not-too-distant future," said Denny Warnick, vice president of operations. "We’re grateful to hear frequently from loyal customers in Idaho who wish to have their own In-N-Out Burger nearby. Our president, Lynsi Snyder, has given us a five-year goal to turn that thoughtful feedback into reality. We’ll meet that goal, and we’re looking forward to joining the wonderful community there."

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