Thousands gathered on the Idaho State Capitol steps to peacefully show love and acceptance in form of a candlelight vigil just a couple of weeks ago. The issue of racial inequality is louder than ever right now and local organizer made sure that something powerful would happen here in the Treasure Valley as well. The event was a success.

I had the privilege, the next day, to speak with event organizer Whitney Mestelle who explained the back story and meaning behind the event. You can check out that conversation in the video up at the top of this post.

One of the most popular questions across our nation right now is: what's next. Those here in the Treasure Valley and millions across the country who have recognized systemic racism are now asking: what do we do next to overcome this?

It's a complicated answer but in short, it takes steps--many steps. Once again, Whitney Mestelle is helping us here locally take another step.

As she has shared via social media, "Inclusive Idaho" is her next step and it's here for all of us to join. The organization, born of the energy that was captured and inspired at the capitol steps, hopes to in HER words:

"increase diversity, racial equity, and social inclusion in Idaho"

The organization already has events, merch, and discussions planned. If you've been looking for a way to DO more, LEARN more, and help move society forward, I know this will be a great option and is going to keep the movement going.

To learn more about Inclusice Idaho, click HERE.

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