What do Boston and Boise have to do with one another? Nothing...sort of.

Summertime in the Treasure Valley is always a great time as things just adjust and feel "different" and "energized" as compared to the rest of the year.  There are more concerts and sporting events--especially ones that are held in our many great outdoor venues. Restaurants with patio's and rooftops open up and thrive. Outdoor activities (we have some of the best on the globe, by the way) are full of life. We could go on.

When it comes time to cool down in the summer, what's the best way to do it? Many might say one popular Boise dessert is the move!

Did you know that one of Boise's most popular summer desserts is actually named after Boston, and is only served at a favorite local burger spot?

Let's take a look at this Boise summer delight! 

Boise's Famous Summer Treat: A Boston Shake

What on earth is a Boston Shake? Boise residents know all about it at this local staple!

Have you ever enjoyed a Boston Shake here in Boise!? 

If you love ice cream, we're certain that this treat is going to be one of your favorites once you try it. An explosion of flavors is going to be sure to take your summer treat experience to a level you've never experienced!

Fanci Freez has two locations: one in Boise and one in Meridian. To find the one nearest you, click HERE.

The Mount Rushmore of Ice Cream in Boise

We asked you to rank Boise's Top 4 Ice Cream locations! Here's how it played out according to our listeners.

Best Ice Cream In Boise and The Treasure Valley

Since tomorrow (12/13) is National Ice Cream day I thought I would make it a lot easier to find the best places for Ice Cream and wanted to make sure you had them all in one place. Check out the Top 10 Places in Boise and The Treasure Valley for Ice Cream!

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