Friends and those that I know that have children always say, as I'm sure you've heard as well, "you don't understand how much you can love someone until you have a child".  Well, I don't have a child so I have no idea how to relate to that statement. I do, however, have a cat that I love dearly and I certainly wouldn't ever want anything to happen to her!

When we love something and care for something, we do anything we can to protect that. When a product that we buy, spend money on, and trust (or merely assume) that it's not going to malfunction, actually malfunctions...that's no good.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now warning parents to check and see if they bought this baby carrier from Target or Amazon because it MAY allow your baby to fall right out of it. Yikes.

Sold at Target and Amazon now raising concerns are:

  • The Infantino Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic carriers
    • Codes: 2018 0619 AND 2018 0719
  • The Flip Front2Back carriers
    • Code: 2018 0719
  • The Up Close Newborn carriers
    • Code: 2018 0719


If you have any of these baby carriers, check the code on the back or bottom and see if it matches what is up above. If it does, stop using the product because it is being recalled. As of now, no injuries to any infants have yet to be reported.

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