We can still remember when iPhone users all across the globe celebrated the launch of the taco emoji. Obsession around tacos in pop culture is a real thing and Taco Tuesday seems to be a weekly holiday.

Why is everyone in Boise talking about a taco "SCAM"? Well, one event coming to town is stirring up the pot because of the lack-luster reputation.

One user on Boise's reddit page writes "They're back at it again...with a new name", recalling how bad it went a year ago.

Put on by "United Festival Productions", this traveling "taco festival" pulls up to cities all across the nation with an appealing name and then sells ridiculously overpriced tickets to access some taco trucks that, per photos from years past, just don't serve tacos anyone would actually want to eat.

This expose, written out of Kansas City in 2021 breaks down the "scam" and explains just how many Better Business Bureau complaints the organizer has on his multiple companies.

A look back at the Boise reddit posts from a year ago show you just how upset local folks were about what they paid versus what they received at the event.

The event, which will be hosted locally and worked by, presumably, local individuals, is not a reflection of anyone in the Treasure Valley and we want to be clear about that. It's a pop-up that travels around the country and seemingly disappoints one city at a time.

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