Declared "Goose Week" by the students at Boise State University, today is the first day of many that observe the dangers and humor of a clear takeover happening in the City of Boise. We're talking about Canadian Geese.


The "joke" always goes that Canadians are the nicest-- but what's the disconnect with these geese?


Boise's Notorious Geese

We would like to thank our good friends over at "Geese of Boise State" for allowing us to get the word out about the notorious geese here in the Treasure Valley. While these geese may look innocent, they're slowing taking over our cities and everybody knows it. Who let these geese in and why do they think that they can be the boss of us? Something must be done. Here are some glimpses at what you can expect to see of these geese on Boise State's Campus and around Boise as a whole.

We have exclusive goose video footage below, as well.


Yes, these geese are not messing around near campus, downtown, or Southeast Boise. Check out some local video footage of the terror these geese are causing in Boise, below:  Here we see a goose attacking an innocent person on a bicycle from yards away:   




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Next, we see a goose attack a pedestrian near Boise State: 


This goose thinks that the crosswalk is a great place to park! 





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These geese love Toyota 4Runners 

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The terror of these geese has been going on for years-- here we see a video dated from 2014 when a goose attack took place at HP: 


Would you ever want to own a goose?

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