Sorry--what? A Boise "pastor" is being attacked online after a video of his surfaced from about a month ago.

Joe Jones who is preaching at the Shield of Faith Baptist Church in Boise speaks about homosexuality and quite literally demands that all "queers be put to death".

That's a little aggressive, no?

June is Pride month and it seems the internet really jumps on board with vocalizing their stance on LGBTQ+ issues-- apparently Joe Jones felt the need to be a month ahead of the trend. It's pretty crazy to think that this kind of rhetoric is going on right here in Boise.

Highlights of the hour-long video were put together by a popular Boise TikTok account, which is below:


According to the social media pages for the Shield of Faith Baptist Church, they are "family integrated" and many online don't see the family values in putting someone to death because of their sexual orientation. After all, that would be considered murder-- right?

We think the commandment goes something along the lines of "thou shalt not kill" and, well, the State of Idaho doesn't condone murder either.

May we all strive a little harder to cut back on the hate, accept our neighbors for who they are, serve those at the margins of our society, and fight the good fight.


Watch the video for yourself-- below: 



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