The internet can be a rough place at times. Sure, it grants us with plenty of laughs, funny cat videos, memes and information. When it comes to social media in particular, however, it's almost like the internet can't get out of its own way. Once someone is behind a keyboard and an anonymous username, there's no stopping them.


While there was nothing TOO malicious posted about Miss Idaho following the Miss USA pageant just a couple of weeks ago--she was and has become a topic of discussion.

Let's take a look

The Internet Has Plenty to Say About Miss Idaho


Was the costume really that bad!? Enough to be roasted? Insert "Roasted Potato" joke *HERE*. 

Compared to other states, we think Miss Idaho did just fine with the costume. Take for example, Washington--who left us a little confused? Then again--who are we to be judging costumes?

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Plenty of folks had things to say on Twitter, as well:




Sorry about the haters, Miss Idaho. We've got your back!!!


By the way--it wasn't long ago that Miss Teen USA crowned Miss Teen Idaho second place, take a look at that below: 

Check out Miss Teen Idaho USA Competing in Miss Teen USA

Jenna Beckstrom competes against the nation's best.

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