Sometimes, boys dress like girls and put on a show. A show that a lot of people enjoy, be it members of our LGBTQ+ community, allies, or just folks who enjoy some fun entertainment.

Were you about to guess that some people are irate about it and are doing everything they can to not have to see that ever again? You already know what's coming next.

The Idaho Family Policy Center, a very conservative Christian ministry, wants to push forward legislation that would ban all drag performances in Idaho in any and all public venues.

Blaine Conzatti, the IFPC's president, wants to bring back "public virtue" from olden times, because it seems he just can't handle living in this world in 2022.

There were many Supreme Court decisions from the 19th century dealing with public virtue and how sexual practices should not take place in public because it degraded public virtue.

Yes, we should definitely adopt rules that were invented in the 1800s. Why not travel back in time 200 years? Who needs electricity or a bidet? Not party person Blaine Conzatti, apparently.

It's cancel culture at its best. Don't like something? Just get it banned!


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