Is Bronco Nation ready to step up and dust off those blue and orange flags in the staggering comeback win against Colorado State in overtime?

Boise! That's what it felt like over the last week. What happened to the thundering STATE!!!!! Lucky The Dj and I were walking to the homecoming parade last weekend and people were barely set up to tailgate. Temperatures might have been 50 degrees, no snow, sunny skies, 5 p.m. kick-off, and yet no real excitement.

It wasn't that long ago that fans were taking on work early on game days to tailgate. I remember the grills ready to roll at sunrise. What gives Boise? Let's look at it for a few obvious reasons and then we'll get to it.

Coach Peterson, Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Jay Ajai, Ian Johnson, Austin Pettis and the list goes on with polarizing stars for BSU. I like to tell the story of mistaken identity that happened to me one Summer afternoon. I was a red light on Broadway when I noticed people turning around and waving, honking, and taking snaps. I was smiling and waving. Pretty flattering right? That's when I embarrassingly realized they weren't looking at me. There was a little scooter behind me with Idaho's biggest star, Coach Pete. That was so embarrassing, HA!

Let me put it to you like this, Boise State will NEVER be what it was. It's not supposed to be. Kellen Moore was one of a kind for Bronco football and it's laser sharp precision made everyone a star on that squad. You can judge them by the number of athletes that went on to the NFL. This is a new squad, new coaches, and very young players. Coach Pete and those former Broncos helped build something iconic in the Treasure Valley. It's a very steep hill for Coach Harsin to climb because he also knows that he walks in a deep shadow. I think it's time we dusted off those blue and orange flags or hit up the Bronco Shop. This is the last home game of the season and there is still a slim chance that BSU could slide into a New Years bowl game. The Broncos REALLY need fans to roll out on Saturday because Airforce's triple-option offense is no joke and there is nothing like playing in front of a sellout! (that's what they say.)

If Boise State wins this weekend against Air Force we might play the Mountain West Championship on the Blue, December 2. I'd say we could use something positive to cheer for after all the negative things happening in our world. Those college kids came back from 28-3 in the second half to win a game that most of us stopped watching. They did it all without Bronco Nation on the sidelines and I think we owe them this weekend.

Here's what you need to know about the game

  • This is a military appreciation night.
  • Color Scheme is spirit colors - blue, orange and white. You can really wear anything but rock the squad.
  • Tickets are still available and as low as $39.
  • The game will be aired on ESPN and kick-off 8:15 p.m.
  • The Bronco Shop has 25% off purchases Monday ONLY to get you ready for the last home game.

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