We're growing! We're growing! Boise continues to flourish and everyone's talking about it from Maine to California. You can make an argument that Nampa and Meridian are growing in record-breaking numbers.

This is good, right? I mean, the more the merrier? I guess it depends on who you ask. The thing about the Treasure Valley is the pride in the culture we reside. We brag about our potatoes, festivals, and blue turf. Is the end in sight?

Last week I wrote about the Cherry Festival that takes place in Emmett, Idaho. This 45 minute drive will place you in the middle of Idaho's largest run festival. This is the longest running celebrating spanning back to the 1930's is the definition of local and community. When was the last time you got to see a seed spitting contest?

I moved to Boise in 2007 when the same metrics were taking place. Idaho and our surrounding cities were joining in making all the top lists of growth. Then we saw the recession literally halt ALL construction. That was a very depressing time for a lot of families and many still dealing with the consequences.

That brings us to another long-standing event that could be falling victim to the growing community. The Meridian Dairy Days are back Wednesday through Sunday. Dairy Days will have a parade, carnival, 5k, and a big celebration for the Treasure Valley's dairy industry. This event will celebrate 68 years this week!

At the end of the day, it's just math. I read reports that the population could grow from 600k to 2 million by 2015 growing by approximately 15%. These are all rough numbers but I think you get the point. We're growing and it doesn't look to be slowing down and that could hurt our mom and pop operations. People only have so much and the more we spread the penny out - the less we have to spend. Are you gonna go to the Dairy Days 5k Fun Run or the Color Run? Are you gonna see Luke Bryan, Logic, J Cole, or the Boise Music Festival? Are you going to WWE or UFC?

My suggestion is to support local businesses when you can to help keep these local foundations in business. The money raised from FitOne will go directly to the St. Luke Children's Hospital in Boise. We MUST keep these in the forefront and take care of home first. Maybe you can't do all the local events but not losing sight of the one important to you would help. Share their social media event pages and help spread the word.

Meridian Dairy Days, June 20-23

  • Parade on Friday, June 22 at 6:45 p.m.
  • Carnival
  • Fireworks
  • and more.


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