9 individuals have been injured, 6 of them are children and all are refugees. Timmy Earl Kinner, a California man living in Boise, took out aggression on immigrant families residing in his apartment complex late Saturday night.

Boise Police Department contained Kinner Saturday evening as we all wait now and see if the victims survive. No casualties have been currently reported on but we do know that four are in critical condition. What's this mean for one of the safest cities in the country?

I moved here 10 years ago and ask the question regarding why the move to Boise? You still get the same answer, "This is a great and safe place to raise a family."

I was just speaking to Lucky The Dj and maybe this is the growing pains that the Treasure Valley is going to endure. I hate calling this incident a pain as if I'm diminishing because that's not close to my opinion. This is a horrific tragedy and all of us strongly condemn any type of violence.

If Boise heads the direction that analysts are projecting on growth than maybe it's time we bent our minds around what the Treasure Valley is about to become. Big cities have big problems. Boise is becoming a big city. What's this mean?

I'm afraid that as long as we continue to boom with the increasing number of events, hotels, banks, homes, apartments and storage facilities. You will see more transplants to find a better life and as long as we offer the idea of big city living in a small town - the growth we see is just the beginning.

The victims in this tragedy are refugees and an assailant is a Californian man. Yes, there will be hate on all levels of anger regarding this story. Some will blame the refugees, others the transplant population, and the rest political motivation. It's sad that we even have to address a tragedy like this. Are there lives less important because they weren't born here? Is this not our responsibility because the man inflicting all this hate wasn't an Idahoan? Is this NOT our problem?

Kekeluv Speaks to Refugee Children

We'll see how this story ends but I just spoke to a group of little girls that were mesmerized by ANYTHING digital. A tablet was like something from space. These little ladies came from nothing and listening to their stories brought me to tears. The happiness was the acceptance they received here in Boise. I fear one of these victims could be one of these little girls.

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