Boise is a popular destination for new business, new growth and development. The city's skyline has changes pretty significantly over the past few years and it looks like that change may continue. Per Boise DevCity councilor plans two towers in Downtown Boise.

"Boise City Council member and Capital City Development Corporation board member Scot Ludwig plans to build a pair of towers on land he controls at 5th St. and Broad St. in Boise.

On the north corner, Ludwig and developer LocalConstruct would build a nine-story office and parking structure on the southeast corner of the intersection, and an 11-story condo building on the north corner.

The two projects would be linked by a skybridge which will contain parking and a terrace over Broad St. - about 44 feet above the ground."

I personally love this idea! Often a city can find it's identity in it's skyline. A beautiful, full skyline makes a good impression.

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