You and your group of friends can usually have a fun night out around downtown Boise and feel retentivity safe. Sure, downtown has had its fair share of incidences but overall it's pretty tame especially when you compare it to much larger cities. Recently, however, it seems to be a less safe place. Not that long ago ( January 2017) a young man lost his life on 6th and Main outside China Blue. Then just last night another reported stabbing this time on 9th and Main.

Police say the stabbing happened after the victim got into an argument with two people in a silver Kia.
According to dispatchers, the injured man was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. The stab wound is not believed to be life-threatening.

Thankfully, the individual survived. I really enjoy going downtown. I think it's unique to the city and our community that it's for the most part a good, safe experience. Let's just hope as we continue to grow it stays that way.

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