Housing costs are higher than ever. People are moving to Idaho faster than you can shake a potato at. Traffic is an absolute fail. Question is, why are people choosing to move here?

"Experts" have looked into it, and according to some specific research, they haven't found an answer.

Wallethub has put together a list of the "Most Fun States In America" based on access to "fun" activities such as restaurants, movie theaters, parks, performing arts centers, etc. This probably isn't surprising to you, but California topped the list, followed closely by Florida, Nevada, New York, and Illinois.

Notice how Idaho wasn't mentioned among the top states on this list. That's because it's nowhere close.

According to this research, Idaho is #28 on the list of most fun states in the U.S. Right smack dab in the middle. Even odder, Idaho doesn't show up anywhere on the list of states with the most or least entertainment options per capita. Once again, Idaho is dead center.

So how do we make Idaho a more fun place to live? Do we need to build a theme park full of roller coasters and thrill rides? Or triple-up on movie theaters so everyone can go see Spider-Man again? Ice rinks?  Bungee jumping?

Depending on your definition of "fun," you may find Idaho the perfect place to live if you're not looking for a lifestyle that's neither slow and boring nor super fast-paced and hectic.

If Idaho does decide to add a theme park, we have ideas. All these hours spent on Rollercoaster Tycoon shouldn't go to waste.

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