According to some, it may be time to make sure that your gas tank in the car is topped off. How is yours looking?

What's going on with fuel these days? As of this afternoon, the AAA national average for fuel is approaching $3.00 per gallon for the firs time since 2014. This afternoon, the national average is $2.98. That is close enough, right? Fuel prices are just one of those things that for the most part, we all have to deal with to some extent. Unless you're lucky enough to be close to everything you need, driving is a necessity. Here in the Treasure Valley, it seems that everything is far enough away that bicycling or walking around town is a little bit of an unrealistic expectation.

When I'm looking for cheap gas, I usually resort to Costco but if it's after their pumping hours, I check out and it will show you the cheapest gas near you. Right now in relation to our radio studios, the cheapest gas is at Albertsons on Apple Street coming in at a whopping $3.19.

OK, so gas prices are up and they're expected to keep getting higher. But--will there be a shortage?

According to CNN Business, summer gas shortages could be seen nationwide this summer. It has nothing to do with who is in the White House and Idaho isn't exempt. It has everything to do with a shortage of truck drivers.

It has been reported that many drivers either retired or left the business all together to drive for other businesses, like Amazon, because the pandemic put a near halt on gasoline demand.

Now, as more and more people are looking to hit the road and get out of town--especially with a looming hesitation to fly for some--gas is in high demand and there aren't drivers to get it to us. The problem may only get worse from here, too.

We heard from folks right here in the Treasure Valley today that some gas stations around town have been low on fuel--such as the Fred Meyer on Chinden who had about half of their pumps closed and empty.

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