Don't try to deny it. You've discussed what the next chapter of your life would look like if you won a lottery jackpot big enough to purchase a home like this. 

You love Idaho. There's no way you'd leave the Gem State. It's just a matter of picking where you'd like to buy your over-the-top luxury home. McCall? Couer d'Alene? Sun Valley?

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If you've narrowed it down to the Wood River Valley, this might be the home for you! At an asking price of $19,500,000, it's the most expensive single-family home on the market in Idaho. It's a stone's throw from Bigwood Golf Course and a six-minute drive from Sun Valley Resort.

The question is, does the inside of the home live up to the title as "one of the finest homes ever built" as described in the listing? We're going to let you look around and read through a little more about the home before you decide.

Is Idaho’s Most Expensive Home One of the Finest Homes Ever Built?

Take a look around and decide for yourself!

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