Do you notice that no matter what we do or where we go, there is always a social backlash angle that we see? I've had listeners call for a boycott on me because of the t-shirt I wore not knowing the history behind the owner of the company. I was attacked for giving my kid vaccinations and so was my wife.

This week we saw another one of those situations attack a staple in our community in Downtown Boise.  Rep. Chad Christensen and members of his group were enjoying a meal at BACON when an unfortunate disagreement occurred with the owner, John Berryhill over the open carry of their weapons.

Idaho is an open carry state and you are afforded the right to both conceal your weapon or not. This is a hot button for the state and people don't like to be told what to do with their guns. That's a fact! What happened at BACON could be an isolated situation. I rarely hear of this happening and as the owner of BACON, John Berryhill has the right to refuse service. Period. Take a more in-depth look at the Idaho Press Tribune.

I also believe it's up to the customer to decide whether or not they want to dine at the establishment. If you don't like their rules you can always eat somewhere else. I'm personally not in the belief of creating a campaign to bash the company when there is something we don't like. I feel like that is the way of the world and it's becoming a tune out for me and my own mental health. It's tiring to see people anger come out when they don't agree with something and social media has turned us against one another.

I wasn't at Berryhill's restaurant that day and both parties are recounting different scenarios with statements. Could it have been handled differently? Maybe. Could there be a new sign prohibiting all types of weapons? Yes.

We had the chance to speak with several listeners on the air this morning and everyone was split. Jonathan from Nampa said, "Why do we need to wear guns while shopping at Walmart, What are you preparing for, geez."

Ryan from Boise said, "Idaho gives us our 2nd amendment right and maybe the business owner should re-evaluate his business plan."

You will get a negative reaction for every positive one and vice versa. The real question is will you decide not to eat at BACON because of this person's experience? Would it make you uncomfortable to dine next to people wearing guns? Post up below and we'll keep the conversation going. I'm learning that the more progressive this market becomes the additional opportunity it provides for change. Will this be the next law in question?


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