It’s that time of year where NFL fans rock their gear, smack talk with their co-workers, and get rowdy on the weekends as they root for their team in a win-or-go-home game – the NFL playoffs. Now, I have to be forward and admit that growing up in Texas, I’m connected to a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans. I would never consider myself a “hardcore fan” but a flurry of thoughts went through my mind as the Cowboys blew it against the 49ers in true, epic fail fashion. Among those thoughts, I realized: “If that's how 'America's Team' is going out, Boise deserves an NFL team.”

Football is no stranger to the Treasure Valley with the Broncos chucking the pigskin in Albertson’s Stadium. If Boise were to ever lobby for an NFL team, then a new stadium would be absolutely necessary. Where this stadium would go is up for discussion and would need to be something that we all agree on. All of that said and without getting too technical, let’s keep it fun and talk about WHY Boise deserves an NFL team.

Is It Time For Boise To Lobby For an NFL Team?

We're in the middle of the NFL playoffs and this has us wondering if Boise should be next to land an NFL team. Here are our reasons why we're all for it!

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