I'm seeing more and more of this on social media and it leaves me wondering: is package theft on the rise in Boise or across the greater Treasure Valley?

People suck- sorry about it. I don't know who would troll around a neighborhood to take someone else's packages but unfortunately...it's going on.

Every December, we hear an increased amount of warnings from officials and local police departments-- all saying: don't leave packages out in front of your home longer than necessary. Many encourage the use of lockers or shipping to places of work where they can be received instead of leaving them on the porch.   Last Christmas, my mom's package of english muffins...yes...BREAD...was stolen from the porch while she was at work.  I hope the muffins were dry for whoever stole them and ate them.

I had a package go missing once about a year ago and lucky for me, Amazon just sent the item again and took care of me. I always wondered if it was stolen. I've seen the videos online of hiding cameras into boxes to see the theft and the Ring doorbell footage...but is this going on here in Boise?

Just last night, someone on my Next Door app posted about their packages being stolen, literally right up the street from me. My exact intersection.  It never seems legit until it's THAT close to home. Come on, people.

I guess this is a reminder that some crumby people are out there wanting to take boxes off of our porches and we should do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen to us.

Have you experienced this before?

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