Fish Pedicure

I'm hosting the morning show with my new co-host, Kat Fisher. I don't know what the 'fish spa' topic came up and my co-host's last name is Fisher, but it just worked out this way.

Fish Spas are a real thing and it's EXACTLY what it sounds like. Wait, this isn't where you take your fishies to get a makeover or relaxing evening. The fish actually work on you. I'm really having a hard time with this.

This morning one of our guys repping "dude nation" explained to us that he's been to a fish spa. That's when I replied, "Stop." This is where you insert a long pause, "Say that again." Yes, there are spas across the country that have people flocking to dip their feet in a pool of fish. It gets better.

You sit next to this little pool and dip your feet to let them feast on your dead skin. Did you just cringe? Let me repeat that in the case you might still be asking, "what do you mean Keke?" You sit down on a padded cushion and let these minnow-size fish chow down on your feet basically exfoliating your pups 🐟

I've heard we might be getting one soon but can't find an exact location yet. I'll keep you in the know if something pops up downstream! I'm still struggling with letting them eat my feet because what would be the worst case scenario? Let your mind to the work on that question. In the meantime, check out this video and decide for yourself.

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