I want to start out with this post by saying that I understand the issue of abortion is a heated one. It is an issue with which many fight over and hold very strong convictions around. With that said, I also want to reiterate that no matter what my opinion or ANYONE'S opinions may be--we're all entitled to one and it is my genuine hope that in the discussion of this post, everyone can avoid logical fallacies and distasteful statements to one another. 

An Idaho lawmaker is making headlines for a recent comment that many believe incites violence and unnecessarily harsh discourse.  This isn't the first time that the lawmaker has made the news for his words and honestly he leaves me confused.

You may recall this story surrounding Idaho State Representative Vito Barbieri (R) a few years ago.  The representative asked a medical professional during a legislative meeting if a woman could swallow a pill containing a small camera to help a doctor evaluate her pregnancy. The medical professional then had to explain that the pill swallowed wouldn't end up in the patients vagina. "Fascinating", Barbieri replied. You can hear the exchange, below:

Well, Representative Barbieri is once again making the news after a comment he made at a Hayden, Idaho town hall meeting on abortion issues.  Berbieri explained that he believes abortion is murder but continued to explain that he doesn't understand "why Planned Parenthood hasn't been nuked off State Street".  Idaho has three Planned Parenthood clinics-- one of them just so happens to be here in the Treasure Valley--on State Street.

I understand that the representative didn't say explicitly that it SHOULD be nuked or that HE would be nuking it. I also understand that I casually say in the office that I "nuke" my lunch in the microwave several times a week.  His statement did however imply that he's shocked nobody has done any sort of damage or harm to the clinic on State Street-- a place of business in which human beings work.  Sense the irony?

No matter the representatives views on the Planned Parenthood organization--do you agree with many who feel he went too far, or do you think it was just harmless rhetoric?

The political landscape is a very contentious one right now and it seems that Representative Barbieri could have been a little more diplomatic in his word choice.

See a video of his statement, below:

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