She's baaaaaacccckkkkk.... Oh no, not another round of last weeks storm. Over 70 accidents & 80 something slide offs to go along with nine inches of snow on the ground in the treasure Valley. The Polar Vortex showed up and wanted its presence felt and I'm pretty sure we all got the message.

Last Friday I'm driving to work work on the west side of Lake Hazel right before the 90 degree turn that puts you on Orchard. If you've ever driven on this road you know that it's a straight shot, well there was so much snow and ice that even on a straight road someone managed to slide off and ended crashing into a ditch. their Toyota Tacoma was pretty beat up but thankfully they were ok. I stopped to offer help and when I asked what happened the woman replied " I think I was going too fast". Needless to say please keep this in mind as we're about to hit another storm. Slow down.

According to the KTVB weather guru Rick Lantz  " A winter weather advisory has been issued for much of the region and a winter storm warning for the western portion of the state going into Friday morning. Snow showers for the higher elevations and several inches of snow will accompany this storm. Valleys will see snow late tonight and early Friday morning with rain mixing with snow Friday morning. The Treasure Valley will see some accumulation with 2 to 4 inches of snow but melting during the day on Friday. "

The major concern is that the roads will not be treated before the Friday morning commute due to moisture that typically washes away the chemicals before the snow actually falls. Is this round 2 of last weeks storm? possibly but definitely a much more gentle version of last week. Regardless if you must drive... Slow Down.

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