Could it happen?

Is it possible?

Could we have the literal fabric of our lives torn asunder?


It's been in the news for a while. Some lawmakers aren't happy with the Chinese social media app TikTok here in the U.S., and are working to have it banned nationwide. Why?

Per Time Magazine:

The push to ban TikTok in the U.S. is largely led by Republican lawmakers in Congress who are concerned ByteDance could be using user data to track browsing history and location and potentially drive misinformation efforts.

So, perhaps we're being spied on by another country. Perhaps our data has been compromised and hackers have access to our private information. Perhaps AI is studying your face and expressions to better train their underground android army. Who knows.

Will it get banned? Nothing has happened yet, but the CEO of TikTok says it'd be bad news if the U.S. decides to axe the app:

We do not believe that a ban that hurts American small businesses, damages the country's economy, silences the voices of over 150 million Americans, and reduces competition in an increasingly concentrated market is the solution to a solvable problem.

What happens next? As with most things on the political spectrum, don't expect any immediate results. Any nationwide ban on an app like TikTok would most definitely involve some red tape and some law gymnastics.

So don't worry. You'll still (probably) be able to see more videos of the funny guy on TikTok who cracks his back and screams out in joy.

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