If your bicycle isn't registered here in the City of Boise-- let me just say, it should be.

I came into work SO salty this morning after finding out my bike had been stolen. My U-Bolt lock was chopped right off and some asshole rode off into the night with my bike. I'm sure this happens all of the time--which is completely ridiculous--but is ridiculous nonetheless. I had just gotten by bike a super expensive tune up downtown and treated that thing like my baby! As temperatures cool down, it has been fun to ride my bike into work-- one of the luxuries of living so close. I guess someone needed my bike more than I. How annoying.

I had kept putting off registering my bicycle with the Boise Bike Index and while having it registered certainly wouldn't have saved it from a bike thief, the odds of it ever getting back to me would be a whole lot greater.

If you didn't know this, the City of Boise offers free bicycle registry that puts your bike into what they call an index. Boise Police recover so many stolen bikes annually--they're able to look up who they belong to...IF you've registered it. Fancy bike or not, there's no harm in registering your two-wheeled right online, right now, for free.

Interested in the program? I'm telling you, you should be. Just click HERE to learn more and register yours.

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