It's not uncommon to find a little trash strewn about on I-84, but this is down right disgusting.

KBOI is reporting that it's becoming more and more common to find bottles filled with urine alongside I-84. Why? People too lazy to pull into a restroom or rest stop to go #1. The prime suspect? Truck drivers.

Regardless of who's littering, it's wrong, and Jennifer Gonzalez from the Idaho Transportation Department explains that it goes beyond breaking the law:

When you do have trash, do not throw it out of your vehicle. It's unsafe to other vehicles on the road, it's also unsightly.

Unfortunately, this truly gross trend continues to happen according to Gonzalez:

I am always very surprised by what items our crews will come across when they're working on the side of the roads and what those items may be on the side of it.

For the record, littering in Idaho is illegal, and can result in a fine up to $1,000, you could be imprisoned, and/or be required to perform up to 40 hours of community clean up.

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