OK, so it was never IN LITERAL ASHES.... but...It's. Back.

We repeat...it's back and it's NOT a drill. The Boise Knitting Factory is hosting it's first concert of its return tonight and we couldn't be more excited.

Several months ago, concert goers and music lovers alike were sad and disappointed to hear the news that due to a fire, the Knitting Factory would be closed: for an unknown amount of time. I remember driving downtown and seeing fire trucks everywhere wondering WHAT could be going on. People were LITERALLY freaking out that their favorite concert venue was "burning down".  The good news was, the fire could have been FAR worse and the Boise Fire Department was able to respond quickly. The bad news being: several concerts needed to be canceled while the clean up took place.  Not only did the Knitting Factory clean up the mess and repair what damage the fire left behind: they took advantage and made the best of this situation to do some renovation as well--even expanding their capacity a bit!

Tonight's show, Young The Giant, is the first show on the new stage in the new facility and it's SOLD OUT. This is exciting news for everyone!

If you're wanting to see a show at The Knit, they're loud, proud, and ready to have you! Check out their full concert lineup, including some TreeFort Music Festival action, HERE.

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