Boise Music Festival means a few things to folks who've lived in Boise for a while. Great live music. Hanging out with your friends. Good food. And, of course, sweating your face off!

That's right! This year's Boise Music Festival is once again going to be a warm, sunny experience in 2022.

While it's not uncommon for temperatures in Boise to be way up there in late June, this year's forecast for BMF is very common. Meaning, it's gonna be hot.

Forecasts for Saturday are sitting right around 88 degrees at the hottest point in the day.

Don't look to nighttime for any kind of relief either. This week we'll be landing in the 70s at night, so sleeping with the windows open may have to wait until Fall.

Trying to figure out other fun things to do in the hot, hot Boise sun this week? We got you.

A couple of tips to keep you cool during Boise Music Festival on Saturday:

  • Stay hydrated. Especially if you're drinking alcohol. Drink more water than you think you need.
  • Getting too hot? A few minutes in the shade can work wonders to bring down your temperature.
  • No sleeves. Sleeves are for babies.
  • Eat! Nothing worse than getting hot and flustered with an empty tummy.

Need details on tickets for Boise Music Festival? Want to check out the entire lineup? Get all the details you need, and tickets, here.

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