Although,it seems like every day is another “National blah blah blah Appreciation Day” but, who’s complaining when we have a chance to celebrate something like National Beer Can Appreciation Day?! January 24th is National Beer Can Appreciation Day and Payette Breweris celebrating by offering $2 cans all day!

Priding themselves on being the first Idaho brewery to can craft beer in 2012, Payette Brewery is not only selling discounted canned beer BUT, they are giving away a KEG!! Payette explains on their Facebook how YOU can win a FREE keg of beer stating:

We are having a can pyramid building contest! Grab some friends and build your pyramid the biggest and the tallest. Knock it over? We're sorry but you're disqualified. Build it strong and tall! The team with the tallest pyramid using the most cans takes home a free keg of beer! Here's the real kicker... All the cans that you use must be

Payette cans that you purchase on this night! There's no limit to when you can come start drinking our $2 cans, but if you want to win, come early, be thirsty and bring as many friends as you can rack up! Contest starts at 6:00 and ends at 8:30pm.

Start practicing now, to see how well your skills will STACK UP on Wednesday!

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