Humans are interesting and often times, we are the worst. Humans can be spiteful, crass, and fickle beings at times and often, as history has shown, make petty decisions that created long term ripple affects on history, or our ancestors. We take things for granted, we have serious superiority complexes, and can be wildly selfish.

Yet somewhere along the line...SOMEWHERE in the history of time, humans did something right. We had to have. Because how else would us foolish human beings deserve...KITTY CATS!?

It's National Cat Day, everyone, and I need you to be just as excited as I am in celebrating our little furry friends that humans simply don't deserve.

I've been a proud cat dad for just over five years now and adopting my sweet Piccolo (pictured above) has been the single greatest decision of my adult life. I was lucky enough to bring her into my home as a kitten, meaning training her from infancy up to her adult self now was a total process. She's well behaved, super loving, and has been my partner through many ups and downs. As any animal lover does, I'm sure if you have a cat at home, you have just as much unconditional love for yours, too!

In honor of National Cat Day-- here's to all of the felines who run the homes and lives of us proud owners! I know that Piccolo will be eating extra good tonight--catnip, anyone!?

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