"It's never too early for ice cream, Jim" - Michael Scott

Those famous words couldn't be any more true if you ask me! Any time of the day, any day of the week, any season of the year-- what's NOT to scream about when it comes to ice cream.

As you know, the internet has a holiday for just about everything. National *insert something that nobody cares about here* Day, right? Well--everyone cares about ice cream so perhaps today, "National Soft Ice Cream Day" is something to celebrate.

What is soft ice cream? I have no idea. Seems like it's just ice cream to me?

In honor of this SWEET day that is here for us to celebrate something SWEET, we're looking for your help. Mostly so that I can get my fix when I'm off of the air...

Where do YOU get the bet ice cream in town? It could be a local shop or a national brand with a dope flavor at Albertsons...I'm looking for any and all suggestions.

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