Here's a crazy "holiday" that you may enjoy more than your wallet will: it's National Splurge Day. Clearly, there's only one way to celebrate: splurge.

Splurging, or spending and buying extravagantly, may not be something that  you do often enough or ever at all.  I'm totally guilty of getting INSTANT buyers remorse-- it doesn't matter what I buy.  It could be lunch with a friend and when I leave, I still think of how I could (or maybe even should) have saved that money.

Every now and again there's something you really want and if you're like me, you eventually cave. My latest splurge purchase was on an Apple Watch. I instantly regretted the purchase but after further review, it felt great to spend some hard earned money on something I love (and now use) every day.

What's the last thing you splurged on? If you haven't--is there something you've got your eye on?

Be smart, be responsible...but you've worked hard, go GET THAT THING you want today!

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