There's a national day, month, and week for almost everything and it's realistically impossible to keep up. This past week, however, has been National Teachers Week and now more than ever, I think our teachers deserve a thank you.

Teachers, for me, have always been my greatest role models. I could name every single teacher I've ever had since PRESCHOOL...they all taught me one thing or another--including some that simply taught me ways NOT to act--haha!

With the way COVID-19 has evolved everything, one thing has remained constant: a teachers care for their students. Sure, the WAY class is being taught has been different since after spring break--the care however, remains stronger than ever.

I've seen teachers on social media going above and beyond to make sure their students know that they're still there, accessible, and able to help. I've even seen some go to great lengths to recognize students' accomplishments that otherwise may have been celebrated at ceremonies or assemblies.

Teachers-- THANK YOU for doing what you do no matter the situation. You're educating our future and for that, we'll always be thankful.


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