There has been a huge warehouse project in Nampa and the rumors have swirled for a long time-- Amazon coming to the Treasure Valley? Permits and city discussions certainly implied that was the case but now, Amazon has officially announced what's going on.

Here's the scoop: Yes, Amazon is coming to Nampa. Yes, jobs are coming with it and yes, they're going to pay well.

The location of this warehouse is right near the Meridian and Nampa city border line and there is nothing small about it. The facility is a 650,000 building and Amazon has announced that in this large space will come a large number of jobs--more than 1,000 to be exact. Recently, Amazon was in the news for raising minimum wage after some political pressure was applied-- that rate is now $15.00 an hour. In Idaho, the minimum wage is a small $7.25-- something far too low for anyone in our area if you ask me.  New jobs, great hourly can you beat that?

A lot of politicians, both state-wide and on the local level are voicing their approval of this project away, singing a similar song of joy for investment in Idaho and the Treasure Valley by such a large corporation. The amount of trucks going in and out of this facility will be huge, which also means that the City of Nampa is going to need to evaluate the toll on these roads. Ideally, needs for improvement in this area won't impact taxpayers.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new jobs just after the turn of the new year, in 2020!

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