About six years ago now, I made the best decision ever: adopting my sweet Piccolo. Growing up I never cared for cats so to be honest, I'm still a little shocked that I would ever have ever adopted one. Doing so was an amazing decision and now my cat is my companion that I can't imagine not coming home to each day.

Pictured above was a little guy I almost adopted from the Idaho Humane Society about two summers ago. The Idaho Humane Society does a great job with this little furry friends and I can't stress enough how much joy a cat could add to your household. Find one with a great personality and give them a forever home!  The shelter is only looking for a small donation for older cats because unfortunately, they are most often the last to get adopted. Even older cats deserve getting into a home that will love them until the end.

Cats aged 17 weeks to 4 years old: $25

Cats Aged 5 years old to 7 years old: $15

Cats that are 8 years old, or older: $5 donation

You can drop by the Idaho Humane Society (4775 West Dorman Street, Boise) between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily to see if there's a furry friend right for you! You might just find the purrfect match.

Looking to help but not adopt? I get it. More on that, HERE.

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